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What to do when organic traffic is declining

Organic page traffic can ebb and flow, and Ottimo's content analytics app is here to help you catch those slipping pages with its Declining Traffic Page Collection feature. This feature uses data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to identify pages that need your attention.

Data Sources: Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Ottimo's declining traffic page collection relies on data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The criteria for identifying declining traffic pages is a drop of over 15% in the past three months compared to the previous three months.

Why Data on Declining Traffic is Important

Understanding why your traffic is declining is essential for optimizing your content strategy and staying ahead of the competition. Analyzing this data allows you to determine if the decline is due to a decrease in search volume or a drop in click-through rates. With this information, you can make informed decisions about how to address the issue.

Identifying Causes of Declining Traffic

Declining traffic can result from several factors, such as a decrease in search volume or a drop in click-through rates. By analyzing the data from the Declining Traffic Page Collection, you can narrow down the potential causes and take appropriate action.

Factor #1: Number of searches If search volume is down, users may be searching for the topic less frequently or using different language to describe the topic.

Factor #2: Number of clicks This factor is more complex, as it involves impressions and click-through rates. If the number of impressions is down (but search volume is steady), your ranking on the SERP page may have dropped. If click-through rate is down, visitors may be less interested in your title and meta description.

What to Do with the Data

  1. Prioritize pages with significant traffic.
  2. Analyze search volume and click-through rate data.
  3. Identify potential causes of decline and strategize appropriate solutions.
  4. Update content to improve SERP performance or adjust language to match user searches.
  5. Monitor the performance of updated pages and make further adjustments as needed.

In conclusion, this page collection is an invaluable tool for identifying pages with declining traffic and guiding your efforts to optimize content and improve your website's performance. By leveraging this feature, you can ensure your website remains competitive and relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Analytics with Ottimo

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