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Ottimo release notes

Product improvements, updates, and fixes.

Direct links to connected properties

@April 30, 2024

  • Direct links to Google Analytics and Search Console. If you need to do further analysis, each library page now directly links to a connected GA or GSC view, so you never have to set up a specific URL filter yourself.
  • Copy page URLs, titles and keywords. In each individual page view it’s now just one click to copy all of these items.
  • Bug Fixes. Fixed a bug where “all” traffic data was reporting lower than expected. Fixed a bug where user logout was failing. Fixed a bug where page lists were occasionally randomly sorted.

Ottimo 1.0: More data than ever

@March 25, 2024

This version marks a large step forward for Ottimo – we’ve rebuilt our backend completely to reading and analyzing daily data from every source.

  • Fresher data. No need to wait until the end of the month to see data come in, we now keep your library up to date within 48 hours.
  • More library history. Every library can now see up to 3 years of historical data, whether from UA, GA4 or a blend of the two.
  • Data projections. For incomplete weeks or months, we’ll calculate a projection for the period based on a combination of the data collected so far and a historical trend line.
  • Better charts. We gave our charts an interactivity upgrade – you can now pick different segment sources and time periods when available.

Ottimo 0.9: Recommended action items for pages

@October 6, 2023

  • See prioritized action items for key pages. We’ve taken our page collections even further – now you can see which pages you should prioritize working on. Ottimo action items are based on a page’s recent performance – these are good bets if you’re going to work on your library.
  • Toggle using page titles or URLs. For some libraries, page titles aren’t unique enough to be identifiers – for instance if you have dozens of pages with the same title. Now you can opt to use page URLs as identifiers.

Ottimo 0.8: Search Console data in libraries

@August 29, 2023

  • Create a library with Search Console. With this version of the app comes a major new integration. When creating a library you can optionally pick a Search Console account to match up with your Google Analytics data.
  • Page level search data. After connecting Search Console, get page level search data to see what a page’s top ranking keywords are, in addition to views, bounces, loading speed and meta info.

Ottimo 0.7: Create multiple libraries

@May 22, 2023

  • One-time syncing. This change has been asked for a lot... no more resyncing every time you want to use the app! Now, login and set the app up once and never worry about set up or syncing time again.
  • Multiple libraries. Now you can also create as many libraries as you need to keep track of different collections of content. For example, create separate libraries for "/blog" and "/product" pages to get better targeted insights.

Ottimo 0.6: Better data, better analysis

@January 20, 2023

Better data, better analysis. Ottimo now factors in page consistency and growth trends in addition to traffic and engagement so you can know what pages are your winners (and what are your opportunities).

Collections have moved to the sidebar so you can get to your Stars ⭐, Sloths 🦥, Lemons 🍋, and Declining 📉 pages faster and get clear recommendations for what’s next.

🐞 Bug fixes. Improved hostnames in library search functionality, fixed a handful of bugs with UA to GA4 integration and fixed discrepancies between UA and GA4 bounce rates.

Ottimo 0.5: GA3 and GA4 in a single view

@December 16, 2022

  • Blended data. Get a historical view of all your data whether it is GA4 or UA in one place, no more toggling back and forth. Note, be sure to pick your UA account first then you'll be prompted to add your GA4 account. 💡 Pro tip: Make sure you have GA4 set up. Google is NOT migrating your data to GA4.
  • Bug fixes. Fixed an issue where all GA4 accounts stop working due to a change in their API. Fixed an issue where rolling up some pages returned empty page data

Ottimo 0.4: New dashboard for all your insights

@August 23, 2022

  • Dashboard. Our high level view is great for keeping an eye on monthly and yearly goals and trends. 💡 Pro tip: screen capture the dashboard for your next monthly meeting with the team and leadership.
  • Monthly scorecard. See your total traffic and organic traffic across all your pages or any subset like all your blog posts. Best part, see MoM changes to know if you’re headed in the right direction in the short-term.
  • Historical trends. Love graphs? Good, we got’em. See your trailing twelve months total and organic traffic. Bonus: we do the math for you, including growth rate, percent organic traffic, and your average page views per month.

Ottimo 0.3: GA4 has joined the party

@July 28, 2022

  • Get all your data in one place. We’ve integrated with GA4 so you are ready for the switch. Simply select "GA4" in the setup interface to see all your GA4 insights translated into the metrics you are used to.
  • If you’re scared of change. If you’ve already played around in GA4 you know it is well… a challenge. Avoid the headache of learning a whole new interface and enjoy all your content performance analytics in a familiar format.

Opening the app to public use!

@July 14, 2022

  • Opening the app to the public. The app is now publicly usable by anyone with a Google account! (You may have already noticed our new home page and privacy policy).
  • Easier to understand data with tooltips. We’ve streamlined the naming of page data and added tooltips to break down how each piece of data is calculated.

Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐞

  • Fixed broken table widths for large table items
  • Made it easier to interact with elements in tables
  • Fixed a bug where some URL capitalization would break page loading
  • Fixed a bug where search console data wasn’t showing up for pages based on exact match
  • Fixed a bug where filtering for small sets of URLs might occasionally fail

Better table functionality

@June 13, 2022

From sorting to copying

  • Added sortable columns to every table. Sort content by traffic, page title, bounce rate and much more.
  • Copying table data just got easier. All app tables are now copyable – meaning you can take your page data and paste it wherever you need.
  • No need to rerun most reports anymore. For the majority of sites with less than 5000 pages, refreshing the page keeps your site’s audit without needing to rerun it.

Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where search console click through URLs weren’t filtering correctly
  • Fixed a bug where using a URL filter made the app sync run much slower
  • Fixed a bug where pagination didn’t work in tandem with library filtering
  • Standardized all URLs to versions without a trailing slash
  • Fixed display issues for sites that don’t have 12 months of data or don’t have any organic traffic

Ottimo 0.2: Faster & more reliable

@April 13, 2022

Speed meets smart 🏎️ 🤝 🤓

  • Improved the reliability and speed of data calls. On average our data syncing process is now 3x faster - even with larger sites.
  • No more waiting for big data-sets. For very, VERY large sites we use a sample size of data to get up and running faster. Even better? We add the complete data set when it’s ready!
  • Clearer error reporting. We translated tech jargon errors to actual English for common problems that might come up during the initial authorization and data sync.
  • Added a URL filter to the project setup page. Now you can filter large content libraries for specific paths like “/blog”.
  • Reduced junk pages by 40%. Whether it’s “/Justin-loves-cheetos/” or “/justin-loves-cheetos” all the pages now roll-up together no matter their capitalization or pesky trailing “/”.

Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally a page's views were displayed as 0
  • Fixed a bug where some page titles were displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where page charts would occasionally stop rendering when reloaded