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What to do with your top-performing pages

Let’s start this new year with the brightest part of your library: the pages on your site that are doing everything right.

We refer to these posts as “Stars” because they’re the shining example of why your business is awesome.

And your Star content can point you toward where you need to go in the future.

Understanding Star performers

Star pages are performing beautifully across the board:

  • High traffic
  • High engagement
  • High conversions

A Star page is a huge accomplishment (and asset) for any site. And it’s a great source of ideas for future content.

What you can do

Each Star page is a proven formula for success.

Start replicating the effort

  • Adapt the page to a webinar
  • Build a guide around the page content
  • Create new posts about related topics
  • Talk about it on social
  • Add material to the page
  • Send it to the sales team so they can see what’s getting traction

New content is a significant time commitment, but it’s the best investment for leveraging the power of a Star page.

Afterwards, you might work on optimizing the page for conversion… but make sure to do so in low-risk ways.

Experimenting with call-to-action design, for example, is pretty low-risk. Restructuring the content of a post, however, is a high-risk move – so it runs the risk of ruining your page performance.

Moving forward: plan to regularly monitor these pages for ongoing performance—make sure nothing slips!

Address the constant threats to traffic

  • Research top-ranking competitor pages
  • Stay up to date with algorithm requirements

Address threats to conversion rate

  • Review links for health and relevance
  • Update calls to action

Work toward continuous improvement

  • Content quality + usefulness
  • Usability
  • Domain authority
  • Accessibility

No matter how many Star performers you’ve got in your catalog, you can’t coast on that momentum. Maintaining that success requires care and attention.

Analytics with Ottimo

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